It is organized into two major areas: The geobotanical area contains an alpine garden, arboretum, meadows, steppes, marsh, and a pond, as well as collections of plants from the Canary Islands, Caucasus, East Asia, Mediterranean, and North America and the systematic and ecological collection includes crop plants, endangered species, ornamental plants, roses, and the "Neuer Senckenbergischer Arzneipflanzengarten" (New Senckenberg Medicinal Plant Garden, 1200 m²). mehr


It was Germany's first Alpine garden. mehr

Jardin des Plantes

An Alpine garden has 3000 species with world-wide representation. mehr


Near Kandersteg is located the Ricola Alpine garden. mehr

UBC Botanical Garden and Centre for Plant Research

Gardens include an Asian garden, an alpine garden, a native plants garden, a food garden and a physic (medicinal) garden. mehr

Alpine garden

An "alpine garden" (or alpinarium, alpinum) is a domestic or botanical garden specialising in the collection and cultivation of alpine plants growing naturally at high altitudes around the world, such as in the Caucasus, Pyrenees, Rocky Mountains, Alps, Himalayas and Andes. mehr

Montreal Botanical Garden

"The Alpine Garden" has several paths winding over a rocky outcrop which is covered with tiny, delicate alpine plants. mehr

Garden design

A rock garden, also known as a rockery or an alpine garden, is a type of garden that features extensive use of rocks or stones, along with plants native to rocky or alpine environments. mehr

Hohenschwangau Castle

Queen Marie created an alpine garden with plants gathered from all over the alps. mehr

Anemone ranunculoides

The plant is widely grown as a garden plant, especially by rock garden and alpine garden enthusiasts. mehr

Will Ingwersen

Will was a past president of Horticultural Trades Association, and Vice-president of both the Alpine Garden Society and the Royal Horticultural Society. mehr

Warwickshire College

The College is home to the Royal Horticultural Society Regional Centre and the Alpine Garden Society. mehr

The Plantsman (magazine)

Among the contributors to the first issue were Christopher Brickell (then Director of the RHS Garden, Wisley, later Director General of the RHS), Roy Elliott (then Editor of the Quarterly "Bulletin" of the Alpine Garden Society) and Lawrence D Hills, the founder (and the then Director) of the Henry Doubleday Research Association. mehr

Sawtooth Botanical Garden

It is an alpine garden with osteospurmum, arabis, arnica, alpine asters, poppies, orchids, columbine, and Lewisii, set with a waterfall, reflecting pond, and 16 rocks of up to 30 tons each, representing the 16 Buddhist arhats. mehr

Anything You Can Do (Desperate Housewives)

After getting rejected by his father, Andrew returns home drunk and accidentally runs over Juanita Solis, who had just caught Gabrielle and John in bed, having visited the Alpine Garden Society. mehr

House with Chimaeras

On a lot adjacent to the building, a miniature alpine garden (approx. ) and a fountain were built. mehr

Devonian Botanic Garden

The Garden offers several display features: an alpine garden, an herb garden, a peony collection, a primula dell, an iris dell, a collection of Alberta plants, a Native People's garden, a Japanese garden, and a Heritage Plants garden. mehr

Joseph Fourier University

UJF also maintains the Jardin botanique alpin du Lautaret alpine garden on the Lautaret pass, in association with CNRS. mehr

Musée et jardins botaniques cantonaux

The alpine garden is open daily from May through October, depending on snowfall and road conditions. mehr

Durham University Botanic Garden

The garden is also home to an arboretum, Alpine garden and bamboo grove. mehr

Winterbourne Botanic Garden

Highlights include an NCCPG collection of "Anthemis", an orchid house, alpine garden, arid house, geographic beds and a Hazel "(Corylus)" tunnel. mehr

Orto Botanico di Bergamo "Lorenzo Rota"

It was at first predominantly an alpine garden, but after 1989 began collaboration with the Museum of Natural Sciences and broadened its collection. mehr

Orto Botanico dell'Università di Torino

Bruno Peyronel introduced an alpine garden in 1962–1963, in 1969 a new greenhouse was built for tropical and subtropical species, in 1986 another greenhouse added for succulent plants, and in 2006 another for South African plants. mehr

Orto Botanico dell'Università di Perugia

It also contains an alpine garden, zen garden, a large collection of Hydrangea, and greenhouse (700 m²). mehr

Sir William Lawrence, 3rd Baronet

He was, among other roles, President of the Alpine Garden Society, an officer of the Ordre du Merite Agricole, a winner of the Victoria Medal of Honour and Vice-President of the Iris Society. mehr

Leipzig Botanical Garden

The garden contains a systematic department, as well as geographic arrangements of plants from the steppes of Eastern Europe and Asia, forests of the northern hemisphere, prairies, and eastern North America, as well as a marsh and pond with regional flora and an alpine garden containing plants from Asia, Europe, and South America. Its greenhouses (2,400 m² total area) contain plants from subtropical and tropical zones of the Mediterranean region, Africa, Central America, and Australia. mehr

Hebe Society

It is British Registered Charity No 801398 and is affiliated to the Royal Horticultural Society, New Zealand Alpine Garden Society and the Tatton Garden Society. mehr

Jardin botanique du Montet

The garden was inaugurated in 1975 as successor to the city's earliest botanical garden, the "Jardin Dominique Alexandre Godron" (founded 1758), whose plants were transferred to the new garden in 1993. Today the garden contains more than 12,000 types of plants, organized into 15 collections by themes, including sections devoted to the plants of Lorraine, an arboretum, alpine garden, medicinal plants, rhododendrons, rose garden, and so forth. mehr

Botanischer Garten Bielefeld

It was enlarged in 1914-1915 with the installation of the alpine garden containing about 500 different plant species, and in 1925-1927 enlarged again by a further 2.5 hectares to the west for its rhododendron collection. mehr

Botanischer Garten Bielefeld

Its highlights include a rhododendron and azalea collection, alpine garden, medicinal and herb garden, heather garden, flora of the Buchenwald region, and a half-timbered house dating from 1823. mehr

Botanischer Garten Jena

Its outdoor areas include an arboretum containing about 900 species of deciduous and coniferous trees and shrubs; an alpine garden representing approximately 2,500 species; a systematic garden organized by contemporary taxonomy; a collection of medicinal and useful plants; a small hill and pond; and a collection of rhododendrons, roses, and dahlias. mehr

Botanischer Garten der Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz

Over 3500 individual plant beds were created in those years; in the mid-1950s an alpine garden was added, and in 1986 sections for steppe plants and Mainz regional flora were established. mehr

Botanischer Garten der Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz

Its major sections include an arboretum (30,000 m²), systematic garden, greenhouses, and alpine garden, with outdoor collections focusing on flowering plants and woody plants of the northern hemisphere temperate zone, and a greenhouse complex containing plants from Mediterranean climates and the Southern Hemisphere as well as tropical and subtropical crops. mehr

Campanula portenschlagiana

portenschlagiana" is an alpine plant requiring sharp drainage, so is suitable for an alpine garden, rock garden, or as groundcover, in sun or patial shade. mehr

Botanischer Garten der TU Darmstadt

Today the garden contains some 9,000 plant species, with a notable collection of rare trees in its arboretum (1.5 hectares), as well as an alpine garden and heather. mehr

Botanischer Garten der Technischen Universität Dresden

It contains geographically arranged sections of plants from Asia, North America, etc., including the unusual "Quercus phellos" as well as "Corydalis nobilis", "Hamamelis", rhododendrons, magnolias, and so forth; a systematic section; an alpine garden collecting a variety of European high mountain plants, including gentian ("Gentiana"), species of saxifrage ("Saxifraga"), "Dianthus caryophyllus", numerous cruciferous plants and primroses; and a garden that contains poisonous, curative, and medicinal plants. mehr

Botanischer Garten Aachen

The gardens contain over 5,000 plant species in areas including an arboretum, an alpine garden, marsh, and collections of ferns and heath plants. mehr

New Brunswick Botanical Garden

The alpine garden is a replica of a mountain environment, habitat for many alpine plants found in different parts of the world. mehr

Forstbotanischer Garten Eberswalde

Today the garden contains over 1200 native and exotic trees and shrubs, with major sections including perennial flower beds; a root laboratory; alpine garden; African and East Asian gardens; trial garden; systematic garden; herb garden; and a Salicetum containing 230 types of willow trees. mehr

Botanical Garden, Potsdam

Major outdoor sections include an arboretum; collections from East Asia and Eurasian steppes; the Central European deciduous forest; North American prairies; an alpine garden; rhododendrons; wild flowers; a rose garden; marsh and aquatic plants; morphological gardens illustrating a variety of leaves, shoots, roots, flowers, and fruit; useful plants including dyeing, fiber, and food crops; medicinal and aromatic plants; and protected and endangered plants from Germany. mehr

Botanischer Garten der Universität Heidelberg

The garden's outdoor sections contains plants from bogs and heath, an alpine garden, fern ravine and inland dune, weedy vineyard, and a systematic collection. mehr

Botanischer Garten der Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel

Outdoor areas include an arboretum with tree collections from Asia, America, and Europe; heath and moor; dune habitat; systematic garden; rose garden; alpine garden; and a pond and southern landscape. mehr

Botanischer Garten Krefeld

Major garden features include a rose garden of some 3,000 specimens representing 150 rose varieties, an alpine garden, a medicinal herb garden, and a rhododendron area. mehr

Botanischer Garten Oldenburg

Through the 1990s, the alpine garden, Mediterranean collection, and medicinal garden were reorganized, and a new cactus house built. mehr

Botanischer Garten der Stadt Hof

The garden is divided into two major areas: a geometrical Rosarium, and a landscaped garden with alpine garden, Jura Mountains collection, lily pond, shade area, medicinal herb garden, heathers, succulents, and expansive perennials plantings. mehr

Botanischer Garten Schellerhau

In 1916 the garden was transferred to the Forstbotanischer Garten Tharandt in what was to become a complex tangle of ownerships that persists to this day, and in 1920 became associated with the Botanischer Garten der Technischen Universität Dresden as an alpine garden. mehr

Botanischer Garten München-Nymphenburg

Major areas include an alpine garden, arboretum, collection of moor and steppe plants, rhododendrons, rose garden, and systematic garden. mehr

Botanischer Garten der Ruhr-Universität Bochum

It also contains an alpine garden and succulent garden. mehr

Botanischer Garten der Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main

The geobotanical area contains an alpine garden, arboretum, meadows, steppes, marsh, and pond, as well as collections of plants from the Canary Islands, Caucasus, East Asia, Mediterranean, and North America. The systematic and ecological collection includes crop plants, endangered species, ornamental plants, roses, and the "Neuer Senckenbergischer Arzneipflanzengarten" (New Senckenberg Medicinal Plant Garden, 1200 m²). mehr

André Guillaumin

Despite limited resources, Guillaumin made significant contributions to the museum, and was the creator of several gardens, including the winter, or alpine garden. mehr
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