Compact disc

The mold closes with a metal stamper in contact with the disc surface. mehr

House of Cards (UK TV series)

With the help of his underling, Tim Stamper (Colin Jeavons), Urquhart goes about making sure his competitors drop out of the race: Health Secretary Peter MacKenzie (Christopher Owen) accidentally runs his car over a disabled protester at a demonstration staged by Urquhart and is forced by the public outcry to withdraw, while Education Secretary Harold Earle (Kenneth Gilbert) is blackmailed into withdrawing when Urquhart anonymously sends pictures of him in the company of a rent boy whom Earle had paid for sex. mehr

ZX Spectrum

A number of notable games developers and development companies began their careers on the ZX Spectrum, including David Perry of Shiny Entertainment, and Tim and Chris Stamper (founders of Rare, formerly Ultimate Play The Game, maker of many games for Nintendo and Microsoft game consoles). mehr

Armageddon (1998 film)

NASA contacts Harry Stamper, considered the best deep-sea oil driller in the world, for assistance. mehr


The first step in the embossing process is to make a stamper by electrodeposition of nickel on the relief image recorded on the photoresist or photothermoplastic. mehr


The bottom layer of the duplicating film (the thermoplastic layer) is heated above its softening point and pressed against the stamper, so that it takes up its shape. mehr

Old-time radio

A master recording was cut, then electroplated to produce a stamper from which pressings in vinyl (or, in the case of transcription discs pressed before about 1935, shellac) were molded in a record press. mehr

Ashe County, North Carolina

Many family surnames noted in the 1800 Ashe County Census, Blevins, Hart, Bare, Stamper, Miller, Burkett, Gambill, Baldwin, and Ballou as a sample, are still present today. mehr

Donkey Kong Country

Development of the game first began shortly after Rare's Tim and Chris Stamper ran experiments with a Silicon Graphics workstation, rendering realistic 3D sprites. The Stamper brothers expressed an interest to create a standalone Donkey Kong game, and assembled a team of 12 to work on the game over an 18-month development cycle. mehr

Donkey Kong Country

It was directed by Tim Stamper instead, although Miyamoto was still involved with the project. mehr

Ultimate Play the Game

Ashby Computers & Graphics was founded in the Leicestershire town of Ashby-de-la-Zouch in 1982 by Tim and Chris Stamper, This led to ACG's initial trade being in creating arcade conversion kits, before moving into the home computer software market developing games under the Ultimate Play The Game name. mehr

Ultimate Play the Game

The Ultimate titles up to Gunfright were produced primarily by Tim and Chris Stamper, Ultimate had already admitted to developing games in an order different from that of their release, as with "Knight Lore" and "Sabre Wulf". mehr

Gramophone record

The catalog number and stamper ID is written or stamped in the space between the groove in the lead-out on the master disc, resulting in visible recessed writing on the final version of a record. mehr

Victor Talking Machine Company

The wax master disc was sent to a processing plant where it was electroplated to create a negative metal "stamper" used to mold or "press" durable replicas of the recording from heated "biscuits" of a shellac-based compound. mehr

Victor Talking Machine Company

In 1901 Victor made a three-track puzzle record (single-sided A-821) and in 1903, a three-step mother-stamper process to produce more stampers and records than previously possible. mehr

Dornford Yates

Stamper, who had been motor engineer to King Edward VII. mehr

Dornford Yates

Stamper, and so that might be the answer — "anywhere good enough for King Edward VII was good enough for him". mehr

Splendor in the Grass

1928 Kansas: Wilma Dean "Deanie" Loomis (Natalie Wood) is a teenage girl who follows her mother's advice to resist her desire for sex with her boyfriend, Bud Stamper (Warren Beatty), the son of one of the most prosperous families in town. mehr

Rubber stamp

They can also be positioned with a greater amount of accuracy due to the stamper's ability to see through the handle being used. mehr

Rubber stamp

This allows the stamper to view the image through the handle and effect precise placement of the image where desired. mehr

Killer Instinct (1994 video game)

Initially released to arcades in 1994, "Killer Instinct" did not actually run on Nintendo 64 hardware, but on proprietary arcade hardware co-developed by Rare and Midway, and created by Chris Stamper and Pete Cox. mehr


However, by the end of the 1980s, average disc-pressing prices were over $5.00 per two-sided disc, due to the large amount of plastic material and the costly glass-mastering process needed to make the metal stamper mechanisms. mehr


The company was established in 1985 by 'Ultimate Play the Game' founders Tim and Chris Stamper. mehr


In 2007, founders Tim and Chris Stamper left the company to pursue "other opportunities". mehr


Rare evolved from Ashby Computers & Graphics Ltd., better known by the trade name Ultimate Play the Game, and founded by former arcade game developers Tim and Chris Stamper. The Stampers sold off part of the Ultimate Play the Game label to U.S. mehr

1999 Seattle WTO protests

Seattle police (led by Chief Norm Stamper) did not react immediately because they had been convinced by protest organizers during the protest-permit process that peaceful organizers would quell these kinds of activities. mehr

Tomorrow Never Dies

Stamper, sinks the frigate with a sea drill and steals one of its missiles, while shooting down a Chinese J-7 fighter jet sent to investigate the British presence, and killing off the "Devonshire"s survivors with Chinese weaponry. mehr

Tomorrow Never Dies

He also kills three of Stamper's men and cuts Carver off the air while he is giving a speech during the inaugural broadcast of his newly completed satellite network. Stamper's teacher on Chakra Torture, but Bond kills Kaufman and escapes, protecting the encoder. He and Wai Lin, a Chinese spy on the same case, after avoiding being trapped in the sunk ship, are captured by Stamper and taken to the CMGN tower in Ho Chi Minh City, but soon escape and decide to both collaborate on the investigation. mehr

Tomorrow Never Dies

While Wai Lin disables the engines, and is captured by Stamper, Bond attempts to halt the missile. After killing Carver with his own sea drill, Bond attempts to destroy the warhead with detonators, but Stamper appears and attacks him after sending Wai Lin into the waters to drown. Bond traps Stamper in the missile firing mechanism and dives to save Wai Lin as the missile explodes, destroying the ship and killing Stamper. mehr

Crane (machine)

Raw materials are poured into a furnace by crane, hot steel is stored for cooling by an overhead crane, the finished coils are lifted and loaded onto trucks and trains by overhead crane, and the fabricator or stamper uses an overhead crane to handle the steel in his factory. mehr

Coromandel, New Zealand

An old gold stamper battery is still in fully operational working order. mehr

Blast Corps

Rare founder Chris Stamper had wanted a building destruction game, so the team found a gameplay concept that could support it. mehr


At the processing plant the surface of the wax was rendered electrically conductive and electroplated to produce a metal mold or "stamper" with a ridge instead of a groove, and this was used to press hard shellac discs from molten "biscuits" of the raw material. mehr

Battletoads (video game)

'Battletoads' is a platformer video game created by Tim and Chris Stamper and developed by Rare as the first installment of the "Battletoads" series. mehr

Cromwell, New Zealand

Discover the Chinese village and an operating stamper battery and sluice gun. mehr


The game was written by Tim and Chris Stamper. mehr


The game was written by Chris Stamper and graphics were designed by Tim Stamper. mehr

Alien 8

It was written by Tim Stamper and Chris Stamper of Ultimate Play The Game, and was released by the company in 1985. The game was also ported to the BBC Micro, Amstrad CPC and MSX platforms. mehr

Loughborough Grammar School

The house system provides internal competition in a number of sporting disciplines as well as quiz, chess, bridge and music competitions, with a points system (40 for winning an event down to 10 for finishing fourth) calculating the eventual winner of the Stamper Cup. mehr

Tomorrow Never Dies (video game)

Wai Lin is kidnapped but is later freed by Bond after he kills Carver's right-hand man, Stamper. mehr

Acetate disc

In the vinyl record manufacturing process, an acetate master disc is cut and electroforming is used to make negative metal molds from it; each mold, known as a stamper, can be used to press thousands of vinyl copies of the master. mehr

Acetate disc

Before acetate discs were adopted for the purpose, the master recording was cut into a disc of wax-like material that was too soft to be played non-destructively and had to be electroplated to produce a metal stamper, which was in turn used to make playable pressings. mehr

Camino de Santiago

Outside Spain, the stamp can be associated with something of a ceremony, where the stamper and the pilgrim can share information. mehr

Knight Lore

It was written by company founders Chris and Tim Stamper and popularised isometric graphics in video games. mehr

Knight Lore

Ultimate released several more games in its Filmation style before the Stamper brothers left to enter the console market. mehr

Solar Jetman

After development switched to "Solar Jetman", the Pickford brothers received little input from Rare, with Ste Pickford later speculating that the Stamper brothers had confidence in their abilities, despite being entrusted with their most "revered" series. mehr

Jack Norworth

Broadway historian John Kenrick credits Edward Madden and Gus Edwards, while the family of Follies songwriter Dave Stamper claims he wrote the song while working as pianist for Nora Bayes, who is the officially credited co-writer with Norworth. mehr

Picture disc

In manufacture, one layer of the clear film was first placed on the bed of the press on top of the stamper, then a "puck" of hot black vinyl from the extruder was placed on top of that. mehr

Rubber stamp (politics)

In essence, the term is meant to convey an endorsement without careful thought or personal investment in the outcome, especially since it is usually expected as the stamper's duty to do so. mehr

Tranz Am

The game was written by Tim and Chris Stamper. mehr
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