An undated painting of the British "Water Witch" built in 1831 is labeled "OPIUM CLIPPER "WATER WITCH" so the term had at least passed into common usage during the time that this ship sailed. mehr

Corsican language

An undated corpus of proverbs from communes may well precede it (see under "External links" below). mehr


Bradley have estimated approximate dates of undated works of Shakespeare by studying the frequency of enjambment. mehr

Faroese language

Another undated merger is "ǫ" and "ø" > /ø/, but "ǫ" before a nasal merges with "o". mehr

Lunisolar calendar

The civil versions of the Julian and Gregorian calendars are solar, because their dates do not indicate the moon phase — however, both the Gregorian and Julian calendars include undated lunar calendars that allow them to calculate the Christian celebration of Easter, so both are lunisolar calendars in that respect. mehr


He then began his project of writing a book of one thousand mainly French quatrains, which constitute the largely undated prophecies for which he is most famous today. mehr

History of Saint Helena

A Dutch territorial stone, undated but certainly later than 1633, is presently kept in the island’s archive office. mehr

Viking Age

An archaeological find in Sweden consists of a bone fragment fixated with in-operated material; the piece is as yet undated. mehr

Catherine the Great

Catherine's undated will, discovered in early 1792 by her secretary Alexander Vasilievich Khrapovitsky among her papers, gave specific instructions should she die: "Lay out my corpse dressed in white, with a golden crown on my head, and on it inscribe my Christian name. mehr

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

The music from the film was bootlegged unofficially onto an undated German CD that featured 11 tracks of film composer Alex North's score from the film (other music releases from the film used conductor Jerry Goldsmith's music, which also added snippets of dialog on a couple of tracks, especially Elizabeth Taylor shouting "SNAP!"). mehr

William Byrd

The first stage in this undertaking comprised the three Ordinary of the Mass cycles (in four, three and five parts), which were published by Thomas East between 1592 and 1595. The editions are undated (dates can be established only by close bibliographic analysis) do not name the printer and consist of only one bifolium per partbook to aid concealment, reminders that the possession of heterodox books was still highly dangerous. mehr

Ben Jonson

An undated comedy, "The Case is Altered", may be his earliest surviving play. mehr

Das Rheingold

There also exist three sets of isolated musical sketches for "Das Rheingold" which were composed between 15 September 1852 and November 1853. The first of these was entered into the verse draft of the text, the second into Wagner's copy of the 1853 printing of the text; the third was written on an undated sheet of music paper. mehr

Kingdom of Sussex

The dates of Æðelberht's reign are unknown beyond the fact that he was a contemporary of Sigeferth, Bishop of Selsey from 733, as Sigeferth witnessed an undated charter of Æðelberht in which Æðelberht is styled Ethelbertus rex Sussaxonum. mehr


The following pictures are undated but were all probably taken in the 1960s, apart from the first, which, based on the cars in the picture, must be from after 1984. mehr


Most of the quatrains deal with disasters, such as plagues, earthquakes, wars, floods, invasions, murders, droughts, and battles – all undated. mehr

Oda of Haldensleben

The undated mentioning from 1080 states that (shortly before his death?) "Dago(me)" (assumed to be Mieszko I) gifted his territory to Pope John XV and received his domains from him as a fief in this "Dagome iudex", not date, apparently issued shortly before his death, ca. 991/92. This document indexes the lands of (Mieszko), referred to as "Dagome" in the document, and his wife "Ote" and her sons by him (Mieszko and Lambert are only named; probably Świętopełk was already dead by that time or was in Pomerania as a ruler, according to modern historians). mehr

Titus Andronicus

Any discussion of the sources of "Titus Andronicus" is complicated by the existence of two other versions of the story; a prose history and a ballad (both of which are anonymous and undated). mehr


There are three different editions of this text: the Rinnō-ji text from 1598; a popular version printed in 1672 and a version discovered at Eihei-ji in 1937 which, although undated, is believed to be the oldest extant version. mehr

Emiliano Zapata

He received a limited education from his teacher, Emilio Vara, but it included "the rudiments of bookkeeping." In an undated studio photo, Zapata is dressed in a standard business suit and tie, projecting an image of a man of means. mehr

Thai baht

Undated notes were also issued before 1868 for 5, 7, 8, 12, and 15 tamlueng, and 1 chang. mehr

Dungeon (magazine)

The premiere issue of "Dungeon: Adventures for TSR Role-Playing Games" was undated, but "November/December 1986" appears on the cover of the subsequent issue, and Moore stated that it had been released prior to the November issue of "Dragon". mehr

New York Dolls

The material is similar to that on "Red Patent Leather", but notable for a radically re-arranged "Frankenstein" and a cover of Big Joe Turner's "Flip Flop Fly." The album is undated and has no production credit, but was issued circa 1986. mehr

The Newcomes

The novel shows its serial origin: it is very long (an undated but clearly very old edition with tiny type fills 551 pages) and its events occur over many years and in several countries before the reader reaches the predictable conclusion. mehr

Serj Tankian

Before this a similar but undated promo, also under the name 'Smart Talk', was issued featuring the final versions of the songs, albeit not yet mastered. mehr

Eastern philosophy

The undated Babylonian text "Dialog of Pessimism" contains similarities to the agnostic thought of the sophists, the Heraclitean doctrine of contrasts, and the dialogs of Plato, as well as a precursor to the maieutic Socratic method of Socrates and Plato. mehr

Friedrich Hölderlin

The Berlin edition was to some extent superseded by the Stuttgart Edition ("Grosse Stuttgarter Ausgabe") edited by Friedrich Beissner and Adolf Beck, which began publication in 1943 and eventually saw completion in 1986. This undertaking was much more rigorous in textual criticism than the Berlin edition and solved many issues of interpretation raised by Hölderlin's unfinished and undated texts (sometimes several versions of the same poem with major differences). mehr

Prescott Bush

Either you must follow Senator McCarthy blindly, not daring to express any doubts or disagreements about any of his actions, or, in his eyes, you must be a Communist, a Communist sympathizer, or a fool who has been duped by the Communist line." Eisenhower later included Prescott Bush on an undated handwritten list of prospective candidates he favored for the 1960 GOP presidential nomination. mehr


Image:SamaraKurganR2.jpg|Undated unattributed unexplored kurgan on the west side of the Samara Bend, Russian Federation, with a visible tunnel made by grave robbers. mehr

Michael Drayton

He also collected his smaller pieces, hitherto unedited, in a volume undated, but probably published in 1605, under the title of "Poems Lyric and Pastoral"; these consisted of odes, eclogues, and a fantastic satire called "The Man in the Moon". mehr

Richard Pearse

Some photographic records survived, but undated with some images difficult to interpret. mehr

History of the English penny (1603–1707)

The first regular milled silver pennies appeared around 1664 or 1665 and are undated, weighing 0.5 grams and being 12 mm in diameter. mehr

Lucius Cornelius Scipio Asiaticus

Lucius and his brother both became aediles at a very young age; Publius became curule aedile in 214 or 213 BC, but Lucius's aedileship is undated. mehr

Threepence (British coin)

There is the undated issue which looks very like the earlier hammered coinage, with a crowned left-facing bust of the king with the denomination indicated by III behind his head, and the inscription , with the reverse showing a shield encircling the arms of England, Scotland, Ireland and France with the legend . mehr

Lyndon LaRouche

"LaRouche testifies on his case", "Executive Intelligence Review"], undated. mehr

Newport, Shropshire

The burgesses received certain privileges from Henry I, since Henry II, in an undated charter, granted them all the liberties, rights and customs that they had enjoyed in the time of Henry I, including a guild merchant, which is mentioned in the Quo Warranto Rolls as one of the privileges claimed by the burgesses. mehr

Twelve Minor Prophets

First come those prophets dated to the early Assyrian period: Hosea, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, and Micah; Joel is undated, but it was possibly placed before Amos because parts of a verse near the end of Joel (3.16 in Hebrew") and one near the beginning of Amos (1.2) are identical. mehr

John Rastell

He began his printing business sometime before 1516, for in his preface to the undated "Liber Assisarum" he announced the forthcoming publication of Sir Anthony Fitzherbert's "Abbreviamentum librorum legum Anglorum", dated 1516. Among the works issued from the "sygne of the meremayd at Powlysgate," where he lived and worked from 1520 onwards, are "The Mery Gestys of the Wydow Edyth" (1525), and "A Dyaloge of Syr Thomas More" (1529). mehr

Scientology controversies

("U.S. v. Kember", Budlong Sentencing Memorandum - Undated, 1981). mehr

Guifeng Zongmi

The undated commentary (Ch’i-hsin lun shu) on the "Awakening of Faith" was probably written between 823 and 828. Although Zongmi is recognized as a Huayan patriarch, he considered the "Awakening of Faith" scripture to exemplify the highest teaching, displacing the "Huayan Sūtra" as the supreme Buddhist teaching. mehr

John Lyly

The two petitions, transcripts of which are extant among the Harleian manuscripts, are undated, but in the first of them he speaks of having been ten years hanging about the court in hope of preferment, and in the second he extends the period to thirteen years. mehr

Et in Arcadia ego

The undated mid-eighteenth-century marble bas-relief is part of the Shepherds Monument, a garden feature at Shugborough House, Staffordshire, England. mehr

De Administrando Imperio

A third complete copy, known as "F'=codex Parisinus gr.2967", is itself a copy of "V", which was begun by Eparchus and completed by Michael Damascene; "V" is undated. mehr

Oor Wullie

Early annuals were undated, so this information is to help identify them. mehr

Oor Wullie

(No annuals were published between 1943 and 1946.) Pre-1966 annuals were undated. mehr


The name was also recorded as "Eikberei" in an undated record. mehr


Kitchen also observes in his paper that Horemheb's extensive building projects at Karnak support the theory of a long reign for this Pharaoh and stresses that "a good number of the undated 'late 18th Dynasty' private monuments that are in both Egypt and the world's Museums must, in fact, belong to his reign." Horemheb, hence, probably was assumed to have died after a minimum reign of 27 or, at most, 28 years. mehr


For example, UK government bonds, called consols, that are undated and irredeemable ("e.g." war loan) pay fixed coupons (interest payments) and trade actively in the bond market. mehr

1st Cavalry Division (United States)

File:In this undated file photo, U.S. Emil Kapaun, right, a chaplain with the 3rd Battalion, 8th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division, helps a Soldier carry an exhausted troop off the battlefield 130311-A-CP123-001.jpg|In this undated file photo, U.S. mehr

William Bloye

It is undated and not usually on display. mehr
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